Monday, March 31, 2014

Hungry Socks

배고픈 양말 하고 학교 슬리퍼
In a hurry from the gym to the cafeteria for dinner this evening, I hastily pulled on my socks and put on my ever-so-stylish slippers -- a common footwear choice at Korean schools, among students and teachers alike.

Over dinner, I discussed possible April Fool's Day / 만우절 pranks with my students. My well-received suggestion was for them to try to speak only in English during their Korean class. (My prank of choice is to begin classes in French.)

I didn't notice anything odd about my socks until after dinner, as I was leaving the cafeteria.

A fellow teacher came up behind me and said, in his best English, "Andrew, stop. Your sock is... eating your pants."

Laughing, I rescued my pantleg from my hungry socks and continued chatting with my students. The first-year I was talking do was eager to tell me how proud he was that he bought a purple-and-yellow plaid shirt against his mother's objections, and I said that it was a fine purchase.