Korea Bucket List

A list of things I want to do or see before I leave Korea in Summer 2014, in no particular order. Feel free to make suggestions!
  • Visit the Damyang Bamboo Festival (May 2014)
  • Hike Hallasan
  • Ride a Jeju pony
  • Eat live octopus
  • Go swing dancing in Seoul
  • Eat 안성탕면 in Anseong
  • Visit the Muju Firefly Festival (June 2013)
  • Visit Petite France and the French village in Seoul
  • Go to the 꿈꾸는사진기 cafe
  • Hike Seoraksan
  • Hike Jirisan
  • Visit Geoje Island
  • Do a long bike ride (from Seoul to Busan, perhaps?)
  • Hike Daedunsan and walk across the famous suspension bridge
  • Visit every tourist attraction in my city, Changwon (& Masan & Jinhae)
As for completed items... here are some festivals I've been to (or chanced upon) in Korea: