Saturday, March 22, 2014

Korean Food List Challenge

List Challenge: How many of these Korean foods have you tried?

My score was 93 (out of 100). Not bad, I suppose, for having lived in Korea for 2⅔ years. I still have not tried 산낙지 (sannakji/live octopus) or 보신탕 (boshintang). The latter of these is the infamous Korean dog soup (개장국), but 보신 is just a euphemism which means "to preserve health". Another name you usually see in South Korea is 영양탕, or healthy soup, while in North Korea you can often find 단고기집 (dangogi jib/sweet meat restaurant).

I don't know if I'll get around to trying these two foods in particular before I leave Korea. On the other hand, I will eat 칼국수 (kalguksu/chopped noodle soup) or 김치전 (kimchijeon/kimchi pancake) any day. And I could go for patbingsu, or shaved ice, right about now...

Also, happy spring! The 추분, or vernal equinox, was yesterday. I did some spring cleaning this afternoon while listening to music. Here's one of my spring favorites: Roy Kim's 봄봄봄 (Bom bom bom/Spring, Spring, Spring)!


  1. Hmm, let's not talk about my score. Are you saying you've had whale meat, though?! That was something I saw at a market in Norway when I was a kid. Also, those shrimp chips? My mom buys those all the time. They're Korean?

    1. Nah, no whale meat for me. That one also made me raise an eyebrow. Some of the things on the list aren't Korean, like Shrimp Chips (my guess is Japanese) and tonkatsu. Toast is also not Korean, haha. Jajangmyeon (炸醬麵) is supposed to be Chinese in origin, but no longer resembles it! But all of these are regular parts of the average Korean diet... which is why I'm wondering why instant coffee isn't on the list, or fried chicken. And 오뎅, or fish cakes!

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