Saturday, March 15, 2014

Changwon Bike Party - Ireland Ride

Changwon Bike Party! HUGE turnout this month! Photo by Coby
Another awesome Changwon Bike Party today! The theme for March was St. Patrick's Day, so there was lots of green to be found. I'm lucky I brought my Threadless bike shirt to Korea! That plus green pants, green socks, and a super green, eco-friendly public transportation initiative by the Environmental Capital, Changwon!!! ... makes for a fun day. Haha. Huzzah, Nubija!

This bike party had a massive, record-breaking turnout of over fifty people, and we totally clogged the bike lanes and infuriated our city's bus drivers. After about seventeen kilometers, we all ended up at Changwon's one-and-only Irish pub, O'Brien's. There, we listened to Irish music (folk music and U2 included), drank green beer, and made new friends, all in celebration of... something, not sure what.
Our fearless Bike Party leader, Coby.
So that was tons of fun. Today was nothing but fine weather, delicious food, and great company. I can't wait for next month's Bike Party! Find us on Facebook if you're in the area!

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