Monday, March 10, 2014

North Korea Photo Journal on the DailyNK

The Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. Taken from the North side.
For those of you interested in my experience traveling in North Korea last month, I have written a four-part series documenting what my tour group did and saw that the DailyNK is currently featuring on its website. You can view part one, "Celebrating the Day of the Shining Star", by clicking on this link.

I recommend subscribing to the DailyNK for a near-constant stream of news from North Korea that includes information from anonymous contacts within the country and NK News for serious, balanced analysis of North Korean media and all-around solid coverage.

Here is part two: "A View from the Other Side", which includes my visit to the DMZ.
Here is part three: "Encountering North Korea-Style Education", which describes a visit to a school in Pyongsong.
Here is part four: "Touring the Showcase Capital", which focuses on the Kimjongilia exhibition hall and the Korean War Museum.


  1. You're making the Swarthmore English-Scottish Ball famous! The part about the dancing was really cool.

    1. I have a video of the dancing, too. I'll probably upload it to YouTube in a few days.