Friends & Links

Below are links to cool websites I follow and some of my friends' blogs, including other Fulbright Korea grantees.

Fulbright Korea
★ The Fulbright Korea Infusion is our literary magazine. Read Volume 7, Issue 1 on our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!
★ Korean Students Speak, a great photo blog started by Fulbright ETAs. Check it out!
Wireless Peninsula is a blog begun by this year's awesome Fulbright Junior Researchers. Read their reflections on multiculturalism, gender and society, history, traditional art, medicine, shamanism, and more

Christina Socci: Unfinished Map
Elaine Townsend: Elaine Teacher
Helen Li: Seoulshine
Katelyn Hemmeke: Leaves of Kimchi
Monica Swei: Pyongan
Neal Singleton: Hey I'm In Korea
Tracey Lam: No Guts No Glory

Changwonderful, a website for expats in my city to get to know it better!
Hungry in Hongdae: my food blog!
DailyNK, a news feed on North Korea
LiNK, Liberty in North Korea's weekly news digests
Korea Bang, translating the Korean web's hottest stories
Talk to Me in Korean, my #1 recommended site for learning Korean
The Kimchi Queen, a blog about gay life in Korea

Inky Fool, on words, phrases, grammar, rhetoric, and prose
Language Log, by linguists
Lingua Franca, language and writing in academia
Omniglot Blog, adventures in language-learning

Fun Stuff
8 Asians: AAPIA issues
Letters of Note: beautiful letters dug up from archives
1000 Awesome Things: instant warm fuzzies
The Kid Should See This: vids for kids
ZenPencils: great quotes, illustrated
What If?: xkcd's creator takes a crack at life's randomest questions
Newspaper Blackout: excellent poetry project

Marsha-Gail Davis (food blog): Bangin' Bird Food
Mark Chin (food blog): Me, Woolgathering
Hannah Kurtz (teaching blog): SALTing around Jordan
Samantha Morrow (teaching blog): Same Sam Ssaem
Miyuki Baker (travel blog): Around the World - A Watson Year
Andrea Tang (life blog): Wonder and Wanderlust
Ammy Yuan: Faith, Love, and Sass
Jennifer Wang (life blog): Raw Strokes
Eleanor Glewwe (life blog)

-- retired (?) blogs --
Kate Newman: Kate's in Korea
Kathy Hill: Kimchi with Kathy
Maggs Coyne: A Lucky Penny
Katarina Makmuri: Albatrossic
Liam Connolly: Writing in Unknown Colors
Matt Blesse: Perpetual Motion of Search