Tuesday, March 18, 2014

See the Nebula

My name is KDH. I like many things, especialy food. I really like eating, but my weight is not increase. Reading books is fun, too. Also I like to see the star. Exactely, not star because see the nebula is more fun.
- Excerpt from a student journal
It was 9pm and everything was dark. A single candle lit the room, revealing more shadows than light. It was only 9pm, but the darkness and warmth covered me like a blanket, and my body told me it was time to sleep.

"Wait, first I want to show you something," he said. "Let's go outside."

I wedged my feet into my shoes and shuffled out the door. It was even darker with the trees of the jungle surrounding us in every direction save one: when I looked up I gasped. Stars. Innumerable stars, twinkling against the deepest night sky. A silver shimmer of the Milky Way. I found Orion and saw his scabbard glow, but I could not find the Pleiades, seven bright sisters lost amongst a crowd of billions.

"I bet you've never seen anything like this in Korea," he said.

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