Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hungry in Hongdae

My apartmentmates and I started a joint tumblr dedicated solely to documenting all of the great food we've been eating in Hongdae. It's called Hungry in Hongdae, and you can click on this link to see it. (It's also on the navigation bar now.) Basically, it's just photos of food, restaurants, and screenshots of Google maps that show where each food spot is located. Mouse over the top right corner of each photo to see more information, permalinks, and more.
Want to know what this is? Visit Hungry in Hongdae to find out!
Time for a Korean lesson!

I'm hungry. 배 겊아요. Peh go-pa-yo.
This is delicious! 맛있어요! Ma-shi-suh-yo!
I'm an Asian who likes taking pictures of food. 저는 음식의 사진을 찍는것이 좋아하는 아시아인입니다. Chonun eumshig-eh sajin-eul djingneungo-shi chowa-haneun a-she-a-een-imnida.


  1. 배 고파! ^^
    저는 사진을 봐서 배 고파요...

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