Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photos from Jeju

Well, it's been a rather gloomy and dismal day, and that's not just on account of the weather. It's gotten cold in Changwon lately, and there have been scattered rains. Also, awful things are happening in the United States and around the world. So it's time to go to my happy place and relive memories from Jeju Island (where I attended the Fulbright Spring Conference two weekends ago).
This was the view from my hotel room! It was in Seogwipo, on the southern coast of the island, looking south at nothing but ocean.
First stop on the one-day tour of the island: famous volcanic rock columns making interesting formations at the water's edge.
The peak of Sunrise Peak! (일출봉정상/Ilchulbong jeongsang) (taken by Adam)
It took about 20 minutes to get to the top, and the wind was blasting us the entire time. Here's another shot at the peak, facing east.
Looking west, back toward the island... it was gorgeous! 아름답네요! I love the colors of the water and the rooftops.
Down by the beach, Jeju's famous female divers were looking for shellfish. When they found their catch, they'd discard the beautiful shells. But this one I picked up in a tide pool. (Seems like I also got photobombed by Ashley.) (taken by Katelyn)
Cuttlefish/squid (오징어/ojingeo) drying on a line on the coast. Nom nom nom...
"I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams."
A Jeju pony! Riding one is on my Korea bucket list.
Have I mentioned yet that it was super windy and cold all day? Jeju is famous for its women (the divers), rocks, and WIND!
Super-windy. 바람이 불었어요.
But then we went somewhat inland to chill by a beautiful river and take a short hike to see a waterfall.
And here is the aforementioned waterfall, called Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (천지연폭포), or Sky-Land Waterfall. The hollowed-out bottom portion is made up of softer, porous volcanic rock, which has been worn away by the splashback of the waterfall, while the upper granite portions remain.
Since my departing flight was on Monday evening, I had time to hike up a hill in Jeju City with some Fulbright friends at sunset.
We also visited an arboretum. Ginger is standing in a sculpture of the hanja (Chinese character) that reads 木 (목), or tree. Adam is doing Gangnam Style because he is silly. We also got dinner, and I had 제주 육개장, and it was delicious.

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