Thursday, April 25, 2013


멘탈 붕괴 (mental boonggwe) means "mental collapse", another neat pairing of an English loanword and a Korean word to create Konglish slang. It is most often shortened to 멘붕 (men-boong) as an exclamation meaning, "I'm so done," or "My brain is fried".

I heard this today from 관장님 at my taekgyeon gym. We had just finished practicing 대걸이 (a kind of wrestling), and I was absolutely exhausted. I mean, this was half an hour of trying to keep myself from faceplanting on the floor of the gym while up against several black belts. 관장님 was really kind, though; he seemed to sense that I was frustrated and gave me a pep talk: "조금씩," he said. Little by little. I'll improve if I just take it a day at a time and don't get discouraged just because I can't figure it all out right now.

Needless to say, I was drained of energy as we closed up shop (ours is the last class of the day, ending at 10:40pm) and left the building. It wasn't until we had already taken the elevator down from the sixth floor to the basement when I realized that I had left my glasses in the gym! Now, my vision is really bad; obviously I wasn't able to see anything without my glasses. But I was so tired that I hadn't even noticed! 깜빡 잊었다!

관장님 found this funny, though, and joked that I was so pooped that I'd had a 멘붕. Yup, definitely a 멘붕, although not only is my brain so done with today, so is my body. OTL. Time to sleep -- the weekend is almost here!

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