Friday, June 6, 2014

The Future, according to my students

Drafts! As tedious as it can be to correct my students' essays, I enjoy reading them and getting a glimpse of their creative thought processes. Also, these drafts are hilarious. So here are some gems from my first-years' predictions of the future. The prompt was to talk about how the world will change or where they will be in 10, 50, or 100 years. Most of them chose to make omens about global warming and world war, share their dreams of becoming the world's best scientist, or pontificate about developments in technology.

(Keep in mind that these are first drafts, so there are plenty of funny errors; of course, these will be fixed up by the final draft!)

#1 Throwing Fire
So we can forecast our country will be changed, But how? We know that the rock will be move if we put TNT underneath the rock and throw the fire on it, but we can't forcast where will it move exactly.

These are wise words on the unpredictability of change in Korea following a disaster like Sewol-ho.

Second, we will eat medicine instead of rice, bread. Our mothers are good at cooking, but maybe they don't like cooking. So, food stores will make medicine that has all the nutrients.

#3 Tubalroo
Don't forget our global issues like submarging Tubalroo, two times of World War and great men who did available works for us.

My friends and I have been debating the veracity of the idea that island nations like Tuvalu or the Maldives are sinking due to global warming. But this issue aside, her spelling is just adorable.

#4 Angry Mammoths
Second, Global warming increases. so the world is as angry as angry mammoths.

NB: I'm requiring them to use similes in their essays. Oh, those poor dead mammoths - avenge yourselves!

#5 Exploitation
But unified Korea we can use North Korea workers for cheap bills.

More students than I'm comfortable with cited the availability of North Koreans to do "3D jobs" (dirty, difficult, and dangerous) instead of South Koreans or Southeast Asian immigrants as a benefit of imminent reunification. Um... Not so hilarious, I guess.

#6 First Penguin
The importance of education is creative mind, character, Leadership, how much do they try, not a result, not a university, not how smart are they, how much do they know. Future, made by us, I hope everyone could be "first penguin" to fix wrong mind.

Great thoughts, great thoughts, great thoughts, and... wait, what?

~ ~ ~ Intermission ~ ~ ~

Class 1-2, the class that never speaks up and never exhibits any shred of enthusiasm, surprised me by writing the most amusing or thought-provoking essays by far:

#7 Candor
There are many scientists in the world. However, they don't think about the environment. I hate them.

#8 Incurable Illnesses
Doctors will make something like panacea and incurable illness like Albinism will be removed from Earth.

Of all disorders to choose for your example...

#9 The True Meaning of Peace
Many Koreans suffered how terrible the division of a tribe is. So only Koreans would understand the importance of peace. Peace does not mean the situation of no war. This is just a narow definition of peace. The true meaning of peace is that all countries coexist and make harmony.

Preach, sister!

#10 The Google Translate Essay
International CEO is also one of my dreams. I will study hard for my dream and Natural systems, as well as humanities disciplines is substantial as it will foster literacy. Through basic science such as physics, chemistry, biology, earh science and so on Further study and will deepen the Engineering Departmant. I am not purely based on mathematical Sciences, engineering, humanities, business, and financial basis of the complex to become a mathematician wants to study at POSTECH. My dream is for the essay is here.

Man! Even after I specifically told this student not to use Google Translate... he went and did it. This one's going to be a struggle.

#11 The Dinosaur of Dreams
On 5/18, the biggest Dinosaur was discovered. Then, I felt that I have many dreams, so I can't choose my real dream yet.

This is either the best non sequitur or a simple mistranslation of "그때".

#12 The Understatements of the Century
First, many separated families will be able to meet again! They will be as happy as a student who gets A grade in test because of this meeting. In now, separated families' number approach in 600~700 thousands. So unification is very very important thing like go to restroom.

This student also stated that nuclear weapons are as scary as a tiger. He must love figurative language!

#13 The Rant
Do you really think that our future life that we just imagined is really good? Can future people have affection for each other? Just look at us! A long time ago, before scientific technology developed, or the computer system was expanded, people connected to each other just face-to-face. And people cared for each other and helped as friendly as a real family. How about these days? When people get together, they start to talk only for 3 minutes. Soon, they just look at smartphone, or tablet PC! What a strange situation.

I was so impressed by this. Girl knows what's up.

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