Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baking for 드림s

Did I mention that I love to bake? I never did much of it before I began living on my own in Korea, but now, I only need the smallest of excuses to make good use of the big oven in my small apartment. Last weekend at the Fulbright Spring Conference, some ETAs held a bake sale to raise money for a special school in Cheonan called the Drim School (드림, pronounced "dream"). This school was established for North Korean defector students to help them obtain the education they need to compete with their South Korean peers. Often, young defectors who begin attending school in South Korea are at a disadvantage due to poor education in North Korea or no education at all during the years of their escape and refugeeism.

I was happy to be able to contribute a little bit to the bake sale. As I mentioned before, I pulled an all-nighter (from 2am until well after sunrise) baking a ton of cookies, cupcakes, and cakes. Here are some photos:
Soft chocolate chip button cookies! Also, pre-frosted strawberry cupcakes in the back.
Double chocolate chip cookies -- these were a hit. Tracey said they tasted like chocolate snickerdoodles!
Walnut maple syrup bread with cinnamon sugar. This is super easy to make; I might just do it again for breakfast.
And lastly, the seasonal specialty: strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting! Real strawberries used all the way.
Although I didn't keep close track of my sales during the fundraiser, almost everything I made sold out, which puts my contribution at over seventy dollars. Success! My next step will be to bake cupcakes for the Drim School students themselves. :)

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