Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lessons and Mean Girls

Lesson 1: don't eat expired ice cream. Stupid, stupid Andrew gave himself 24-hour food poisoning yesterday and is slowly getting over it, although he had to miss school and taekgyeon practice and spent most of today in bed.

When I did haul my butt out of my apartment around noon to get lunch at school, my co-teacher took one look at me and said, "Wow, Andrew, your face looks half the size of your normal face." I blame throwing up twice last night. After lunch, I got permission from the VP to go right back home.
Santa's Little Helpers from Mean Girls
Lesson 2: Mean Girls is a hit with my students. I showed the endlessly-quotable comedy to my second-year high schoolers over four days, knowing that the boys would be drawn in by the likes of Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Seyfried (they all love Amanda Seyfried) but might also learn a moral lesson or two. We did about twenty minutes per class and discussed slang, cultural differences, and the perceptions of American high school it gave them. Although I was hesitant at first because of some of the vulgar words in the movie, well, I trust my students and I think they got more out of the movie than a few new insults to use.

I gave them a homework assignment to tell me what they had learned after watching the movie, and here are the four best responses I got:

"There's no one Queen, all girls are Queen."
What I learned from watching Mean Girls is How to react to Group like "plastic". in movie, first, Cady became mean girl, and resisted to Regina. of cause, this way is effective. but this way can ruin own life. because people who use this way can accustom, and do like bad people. Cady became Regina because she do like Regina. so, she treat her like on out cast. at last, Cady reflect on her conduct, and in Spring fling party, she broke her crown, and shared piece of crown. there's no on Queen, all of girls are Queen. I think this means all are equality. plastic was made from discrimination. who are beautiful, who are ugly, who are cool, these think come into conflict. so, to solve like this problem, no do like, awaken they are equality. this is what I learned from watching Mean Girls.

"Math is the most important subject."
I was laughed many time while watching this movie. So I think something while watching this movie. First, I need a tool that math. Math can use many things and math is the most important subject. Second, talking behind can make fight. In the movie, many fight caused to many talking behind. Finally, Regina spread all contents of Burn Book and this make large scale battle. This is my finish.

"My middle school life was similar to Mean Girls!"
At the mean girls, i feel that i'm not strange about that situations. Because, my middle school life was similar to mean girls! It was very funny. If i can go back to middle school life, i will do like cady heron. I think it's not bad.

"I will be a considerate girl and not a plastic girl."
I watched Mean Girls in English class. I saw this movie before in my home, so I know all this movie's story. But it is gratifying. I studied about clique in English class. When I saw the movie, I understand that clique is very important to America's students, and I don't know what I would be a clique. I have a lot of things is clique parts. When I think about what is the best valuable part in high school, I think that friend is the most important thing, because main actress Cady was depressed when all students hate her. I will be considerate girl and don't be plastic girl.

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