Thursday, October 10, 2013

Conversation Club

JJ said that he didn't see why JM's roommate had to borrow his water bottle every night just so that he could make instant ramen (라면) in his room after curfew. JM then took it upon himself to explain. His roommate's bottle only held 100cc, so he needed to fill it all the way with hot water for the noodles. Then, he needed another bottle to fill with cool water to drink, since the ramen broth was too spicy. Hence, two bottles needed.

"JM," I asked, "why can't he just use the same bottle twice? Fill it with hot water, put the hot water in the noodles, and then fill it again with cold water?"

"We can't leave our rooms after we get water!" JM replied.

Oh. Strict dorm curfew is strict.

"Well, in that case, you should say 'thank you' to JJ," I said.

JM turned to JJ and said, "Thank you."

"Er -- I mean, you should say 'thank you' every time you borrow his water bottle."

JM looked at me, confused, and then turned back to JJ. "Thank you every time you borrow his --"

"No!" I chuckled. "You should say 'thanks' only when you borrow his water bottle."

The other students in the club were laughing now. JM just wasn't getting it. "Thank you only when you...?"

"Not now!" I couldn't keep a straight face at this point. "Later! Oh, never mind."

Fortunately, at that point it clicked for JM, and he figured it out. When he and his roommate ask their neighbor if they can borrow his water bottle so they can have their midnight snacks in their dorm, then he should remember to thank him.

어려울 때 친구가 진짜 친구이다.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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