Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe (조리법)

Pesto Grilled Cheese! 페스토 그릴드 치즈!
- sliced bread/빵
- Tillamook pepperjack cheese/치즈
- mushrooms/버섯
- pesto/페스토
- butter/버터

1. Dice the mushrooms and fry them in butter. 버섯을 깍둑썰기를 하고 버터에 튀기다.
2. Spread pesto on one slice of bread and top with all of the cheese you desire. 빵에서 페스토를 바르고 치즈를 원하는 만큼 놓다.
3. Generously coat a skillet with butter and place the half-sandwich in it. Add the mushrooms, more cheese, and the second slice of bread to complete the sandwich. 프라이팬에 버터를 많이 놓고 샌드위치도 놓다. 버섯, 치즈와 빵 또한 조각을 놓도록 샌드위치를 만들다.
4. Flip once. 한 번 뒤집다.
5. Eat deliciously. 맛있게 드세요!

Good food is good for friendships. Last weekend in Seoul, I had the chance to get dinner with Jake, except we didn't get dinner but decided to make it ourselves. I'd been craving cheese for some reason, so we went simple and did grilled cheese sandwiches. I was quite content. Not only was dinner absolutely delicious and absolutely the kind of comfort food that I needed, I really appreciated getting to catch up with Jake and have some 친구 time, as well as with some other Fulbrighters whom we ran into and chilled with for the evening.

I also made a date with another Swattie! I love how so many of us can be found in Korea, working, studying, living, visiting, or just passing through. I've met up with over two dozen in less than two years; considering how small my college was, I'd say that's a decently high number! Steph had been employed in Shanghai but moved to Seoul less than a month ago for a change of pace. I caught her during the conference lunch break, and we got some good Vietnamese pho, spring rolls, and pineapple fried rice (!) at a small restaurant close to the university campus. Although we only had an hour, it was enough to catch up -- I hadn't seen her in two years -- and talk excitedly about how awesome Korea is. I'm sure she's going to love Seoul. But come visit Changwon, too, Steph!

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