Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Should've seen this coming

Long story short, my students have found my blog!

It was bound to happen. But I have to admit that it never occurred to me that it would. I definitely underestimated my wonderful, tech-savvy, Internet-addicted students. I guess they're not too busy studying to Google their English teacher, after all.

What started off as surprise when a student or two casually mentioned that they'd found my blog quickly turned into embarrassment when I learned that another student had shared it on his Facebook page, and then mortification when I remembered that I've attempted to write in Korean several times since I first started posting. And now they can all read it and will probably laugh at me the same way I laugh when I read some of the things they write for their speech tests. Awkward! I mean, today, a first-year student stopped me in the hall to tell me that she loved reading my blog, and added, "Your Korean is better than me!" Totally not true! Also not grammatically correct, but I didn't mention that. In fact, there are now quite a few things I should refrain from mentioning from this point forward...

So, here's the plan of action:
1. No more essays in Korean on this blog. I'm relocating my Korean writing practice to lang-8, which I should have done months ago, actually. You write short posts in your target language, and native speakers correct them for you! If you use lang-8 (and I highly recommend that you do), look me up!
2. I'm going to filter what I write in here from now on. While I have nothing to hide from my students or anyone, it's better to be safe than sorry! Also, I think just the knowledge that this certain population may now be counted among my readers will affect what I write regardless of how I feel about it, know what I mean?
3. CSHS STUDENTS: Hi. If you are reading this, you now have a new homework assignment. Practice your English by leaving a comment.

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