Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Musical Theater

So maybe it wasn't such a great idea to start watching all the performances from this year's Tony Awards at midnight yesterday.

The consequence of my late-night musical theater binge was that I found myself running on four hours of sleep and two cups of coffee (I never drink coffee) through the single busiest day of my semester. Today was a veritable 짬뽕 of six classes (twice my usual Tuesday load), three of which consisted of speech tests, interspersed with nearly fifty students dropping by my office all day to ask me to edit drafts three, four, or five of their speeches. Throwing those onto the "OUT" pile along with the 150 or so that I had just finished correcting this past weekend, I wondered how long it'd be before I either cracked and scribbled nonsensically all over a student's paper or just passed out right at my desk.

On the bright side, having loaded my subconscious with such wonderful Broadway gems, I found myself humming show tunes all day. Not only that, but I also snatched the opportunity to show my students Neil Patrick Harris' legendary opening number during the extra time at the end of each class. I don't know what they thought of it -- they were probably bewildered -- but at least everyone's eyes were glued to the screen. If nothing else, Broadway is a mesmerizing spectacle. Watch below: the 67th Tony Awards Ceremony opening number!

Similarly, during today's work periods for my third years, I treated them to a playlist of the songs from Hitlist, the musical-within-a-musical from Smash. I'm actually really pleased that I got to expose my students to a bit of American musical theater. I can't say much for the pop music that my students are invariably familiar with, but there's an entire microcosm of culture that I'm sure some of my students would fall in love with just as I have. I can't wait to show them more -- maybe come up with a lesson about it.

Watch below: "Broadway, Here I Come" from the season finale of Smash. The a cappella is fantastic!

Excellent music can only do so much for you, though. Because I've been so overworked lately, I haven't been able to go to the gym at all. Missing a day is no big deal, but two in a row has screwed with my routine, and I've been feeling restless. So, I definitely took it out at taekgyeon tonight. We were just playing indoor soccer, but I wanted to get some exercise in, dangit. I didn't play very nice, and even 관장님 was like, "Yo, take it down a notch."

Only two more days of speech tests left! (And then another week, but hey, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.) 화이팅!

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