Monday, December 3, 2012


The disadvantages of having to teach when you've caught a cold (감기) include being unable to think on your feet quick enough, breaking out into cold sweats (식은땀) in the middle of your overheated office (교무실), and having your students not take you very seriously because you are noticeably loopier than usual and forget items you need for class three times in one period. Heck, even you can't take yourself seriously because you've already sneezed all over your pants once.

One advantage of being sick a miserable in front of an audience of Korean students, however, is that at least one of them will take pity on you and draw you this.
푸에치 is the Korean equivalent of "Achoo!" I'm totally keeping this forever. Look at my shiny bow tie. Look at it, I tell you!

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