Wednesday, September 5, 2012

강아지! - Puppies!

As promised, photos of my host family's two dogs, Roomy and Tory! (That was a complete bastardization of their names. I'm not sure how to spell them in Korean, but my best guess would be 름이 and 토리, because Roomy was named after a cloud -- 그름, geleum -- and Tory was named after an acorn -- 도토리, dotori.) They are shih-tzu mixed with something else, I'm not sure, and each is about the size of a newborn baby.
Roomy, who is actually Tory's mother.
Tory, who has very large eyes.
Roomy, while on a walk.
Tory is the one that I can't look at without laughing.
P.S. I just came from a very pleasant and encouraging Google hangout chat with Sam Morrow, who is another Fulbright ETA at an advanced high school. I've only just realized that she is the first Fulbrighter that I've seen in two weeks. Being all alone in Changwon... has actually been less lonely than I'd initially thought! But I really ought to swing by Busan and Daegu when I get the chance -- can't be a hermit forever!

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