Thursday, September 6, 2012


"What do you know about California?"

I asked this to all my classes after introducing myself and mentioning my home state. So here we have a few hundred Korean high school students who have likely never been outside of Asia. All they know about the United States is what they see in the media or whatever other cultural exports make it across the Pacific. If you're as curious, as I was, to know what they associate with the Golden State, here's a Top 10 list I've compiled of their answers, ranked by frequency:

1. Oranges
2. Sunny
3. Beaches
4. CalTech
5. San Francisco
6. LA (a lot of my students seem to think LA is a State)
7. California roll
8. Juice
9. Katy Perry ("California Girls")
10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

I also tell them that I went to college in Pennsylvania, but I'm sorry to report that they know absolutely nothing about the Keystone State. Haha!

Me: "What was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream?"
Student: "To destroy... the human race!"

He meant "to destroy racism."