Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PSAs (Even More Drafts)

It's that time again! My students' only grade in my class is based on a speech they must prepare and give before their classmates. Just like last semester, I had them write a first draft to get started. And just like last semester's first drafts, these were wild and wonderful and highly amusing. The topic this time was a Public Service Announcement on behalf of any societal or global issue. Interestingly enough, at least a quarter of my students wrote about stopping suicide and/or school bullying. Either it was the easiest topic to research and write about, or it was the most important to them personally... maybe both. Anyway, here are some funny excerpts from the first drafts. I promise that all of these improved dramatically by the third or fourth draft!

On Korean students' gaming addiction:
I'm not saying that the game is bad so you shouldn't play games. Game can be good harby [hobby] to kick the stress.

On stopping the organ black market:
Before to speech, I'll tell you a horrible story in US. A man went to the bar, and he met a woman whom he haven't met ever. She said to him, "Do you wanna drink? Here." She gave a drink to him for free. He drank and felt asleep. When he was awake, his stomach is strange. His kidneys are gone. It's fairly frightful, isn't it?

On sending aid to Africa:
There are no development in Africa because of leadership in Africa. Africa's nations are earn money by farming. However leadership of Africa using tax on have their own profit. Therefore civil war breaks out.

(For the record, I made sure the student who wrote this realized that Africa is very diverse, and not every country is in the same politico-economic situation.)

On preventing suicide:
- Therefore, if Family and friends feel very tired, you must help them to provide suicide.
- Therefore, we should be interested in [people who show suicidal tendencies] and hear their stories. You can small effort of one human group as the word "Many a little makes a mickle", to create a society without suicide.
- If you suicide, your family will be very sad and society lose various life. An archaic world, the best dawn is to die before parent's die.
- So just get closer to other, and talk with laughter. Show your neighbors some good side of our world, and the infinite brightness to shine their lives. Show them their life is worthy to live, and our world is bright. Raise the fallen hope with bright smile.

On bees:
'If Bees disappear, Ever human gonna die.' - Albert Einstein - and, Bees are disappearing.

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