Sunday, July 7, 2013

LGBTQ Zine by Miyuki Baker

Miyuki Baker, my artist and globe-trotter friend, just finished the latest issue of her international LGBTQ art/activism zine. This issue is about her travels and experiences in Korea! I really enjoyed spending time with Miyuki while she was here, and getting to chat with her about the successes and drawbacks with working with the LGBTQ community(ies) in Korea was quite interesting. Seeing now how her work has come to fruition with this zine is just fabulous! To read it, visit Miyuki's blog.

In other news, I'm now facing the final week of my first grant year in South Korea. Tonight, I gave some going-away gifts to my homestay family, and I also wrote them a letter. My homestay mother said that I wrote better than a Korean! Major props to lang-8 for that one -- I ran the letter by the community there before putting pen to paper. Anyway, I will fly out of Seoul on Saturday for Taiwan, then hop across the Pacific to San Francisco on the 17th. To think that I'll be home in two weeks... 헐.