Thursday, May 16, 2013

체육대회 - Sports Day

Today was Sports Day at my school, an annual event that pits homeroom classes against each other in a variety of athletic competitions. There were traditional sports such as soccer, basketball, and dodgeball, but also fun outdoors games like jump rope, tug-of-war, and relays. The last event of the day was a dance showcase by the first years, which involved hit K-pop songs, cute choreography, and a healthy amount of cross-dressing. Sports Day was a blast, and I had a great time watching my students get their competitive spirits on in the realm of sports (instead of science). They also had tons of fun; I was surprised, but not really surprised, at how much energy they had to spare and how much class spirit they mustered up for the day's events. Here are photos!
Group jump rope (단체 줄넘기)!
Tug-of-war (줄다리기)! This team's Sports Day uniform was awesome: leopard-print monpe (몸뻬) and ears! And war paint!
The third-year team celebrating a victory. They went on to win the overall competition.!
One of the events was a penalty shoot-out (승부차기) for female students. It was a lot more intense than I'd anticipated!
One first-year class performed PSY's "Gentleman" -- it had to show up, right? -- complete with the messy beer scene (with water).

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