Thursday, May 30, 2013


이것저것 means "this and that", as in 최근에는 많은게 있는데 제가 이 블로그에서 이것저것 쓰고 있어요. Recently a lot of stuff's been happening, so I'm writing about this and that in this blog (post).
Fulbright ETAs who participated in the Hwacheon Peace Forum, posing in front of our hanok, or traditional Korean house. I mean, it was traditional, but the rooms still had fridges and televisions, so it wasn't that traditional. Photo taken by the talented Neal Singleton.
Today was the last meeting of the special English class I've been teaching to a small group of school principals and regional supervisors. We went out to eat hanwoo, or Korean beef, and it was delicious, and they made me drink a lot, and they all said they loved the class and wished that they could take more classes with me, and this was a bunch of middle-aged Korean men who presumably had little to no prior interest in English eight weeks ago, so that made me feel pretty happy.

In other news, taekgyeon training is definitely helping me become stronger and fitter, but in the meantime it is also destroying my feet. My left big toe has been sprained for the better part of a month now, and it's all purple from a particularly nasty bruise I got two days ago. Every weekend, I give my feet a rest, and they're fine until Monday, when I kick with bad form or get kicked myself, and then I know nothing but pain. My first competition is in four weeks, and I am going to be utterly helpless.

In other other news, I have bought all of my plane tickets for summer travel: Seoul to Taipei to San Francisco to Rapid City to San Francisco to Seoul. Six weeks until vacation! A part of my brain is, I must confess, already on vacation, and that's the part that successfully convinced me to binge-watch season four of Arrested Development, which turned out to be no less fantastic or hilarious than I wanted it to be, over the past few days. I haven't been sleeping much.

In other other other news, France has legalized same-sex marriage, the Boy Scouts are allowing openly gay members, and this weekend in Seoul, I'm going to my first Pride! Cool stuff.