Monday, November 12, 2012

Under where?

After lunch, I walk up to a group of boys hanging out outside the cafeteria. They stand up when they see me, eager, I suppose, to talk. One of them gestures excitedly to the student beside him.

"Teacher, teacher, roommate!"
"Oh, he's your roommate?" I say. "Cool!"
"So..." (How do I continue this conversation?) "Do you share clothes?"
"Yes! We share clothes," he declares proudly. "Everything. Even... what is 속옷? ... Underwear! We share!"
He suddenly makes a grab at his friend's pants.
"This is mine!"

Ah, high school. They continued to joke about who was wearing whose clothes, including one student who was apparently wearing nothing that was originally his. Furthermore, it seems, to the socialist's delight, as if this collapse of the traditional ideas of ownership is perfectly ordinary. (Hm, I do suck the fun out of everything, don't I?) Anyway, these were some of my second-years, whom I already miss. On the other hand, four new students were added to my college prep class today, and tomorrow I will begin reading Louis Sachar's Holes with all of them. It should be fun!

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