Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Ginkgoes Away

Ginkgo trees near my apartment, blazing yellow in autumn. (I took this photo on my cell phone!)
For the past few weeks, up until now, I've been meaning to go around the city, maybe even check out the local mountains, in order to take photographs of the amazing display of autumn foliage here in Changwon. There were innumerable ginkgoes and Korean maples which made the tree-lined boulevards in this city look like long halls in a palace trimmed with crimson and gold. Alas, I never actually got around to those photo shoots, and with December just days away, I'm afraid that all the leaves have dropped to the ground by now. Most of the deciduous trees I see on my daily commute have been left naked, dark, and spindly, as if the fiery fall colors literally burned away, leaving charred skeletons behind. And along with the loss of fire comes the loss of heat and warmth. It has definitely gotten cold here. As much as I look forward to the changing of seasons (I'm hoping it'll snow at least once in Changwon), a part of me yearns for summer again, back when everything was so fresh and new. This city is still beautiful, though. I really ought to show you sometime.


  1. At least those gingko trees aren't females! The females have berries that smell not like expelled stomach contents. Yuck!

    And although winter is not as sunny/warm, it does have a lot of beautiful features that summer doesn't have. I look forward to reading about what Korea is like in winter. :)

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