Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Masan, the Dream Bay
Changwon gets some pretty legit sunsets (일몰, ilmol). Every evening, I walk home from school and can't help but look up at the sky as the clouds turn from gold to pink to purple to gray. (But I also have to look down to make sure I don't step on dog 똥 or giant bugs.) There is a beautiful Korean word for the glow and colors of the setting sun: 노을. It is pronounced no-eul, kind of like Noel with the accent on the first syllable. One of my students happens to be named this, but to me, her personality is more like mid-afternoon than twilight (the latter of these essentially being, thanks to today's popular culture, no personality whatsoever).

Last week, I went fishing with my host father and brother. We went to Masan, which used to be the city just west of Changwon but is now the westernmost district of a bigger Changwon, ever since the incorporation two years ago. Masan's moniker is "Dream Bay", and this photo was taken from one of two iconic bridges that span said bay.