Friday, October 26, 2012

I voted!

I received my absentee ballot today, filled it out, and sent it home. I didn't expedite it, though, so here's to hoping it reaches Delaware County before November 6th!
Now it's your turn!
Some election vocabulary (Korean speakers, feel free to correct my mistakes!):
election - 선거 (seongeo)
to vote - 투표하다 (tupyohada)
absentee - 부재자 (bujaeja)
to win an election - 당선되다
Democratic Party - 민주당 (minjudang)
Republican Party - 공화당 (gonghwadang)

오늘 저는 부재두표 했어요.
Today, I voted absentee.
버락 오바마는 다시 당선되면 좋아요.
It'll be great if Barack Obama wins again.
적어도, 미트 롬니 당선보다 좋겠다.
At least it should be better than a (Mitt) Romney win.

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