Saturday, August 11, 2012

Peanut Butter

Left: 누텔라. Right: 땅콩버터. So nommable!
It's expensive here. And Nutella does not exist. So this was a treat: my good friend Katelyn brought a jar each of sweet, Western, creamy trans-fat goodness to Korea with her and shared it!

We also had Skittles, beef jerky, cookies, and Korean chocolate. (It doesn't exist in the dark variety here; I do miss my 86% Ghirardelli sometimes...)

So I got comfy with friends in my dorm room and we watched Pokémon: The First Movie together. We ate junk food. We provided background commentary all throughout the film. We spewed Poké-trivia and inducted Julia into the Poké-verse. We relived childhood.

It was bliss.
친구 (chingu)! Friends from left to right: Tyler, Julia, Jason, and Katelyn.

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