Thursday, July 16, 2015

Konglish Jokes

I made up some Konglish jokes. They will only be funny if you understand and can read a bit of Korean, and also if your standard for humor is extremely low. I have been testing these on my classmates for the past week and they all want me to shut up. :)

1. What country do all the dogs come from?

2. What did the annoyed mother tell her annoying baby?

3. What is a shepherd's favorite number?

4. Looking at a map of Asia, if China is a dragon, what is 한국?

5. What do people get at the post office every day?

6. How does a cow apologize?
소 소리

7. What does oil do to bugs when you fry them in it?

8. What hairstyle do you get if you want to look like the US President?

9. Where do you go if you want to put a new building in the middle of Busan?

10. What do you call a movie about rice cakes?

Extra credit! A Japanese joke: What did the one cat say to the other after it took its food?
내 거!

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