Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guy Fox Day

Teachers of English writing to Korean students:

First drafts of my students' scientific abstracts are due next Wednesday.

And I am going to receive ninety papers to correct.

Many of them are going to be formatted like this.

Because nobody has ever taught them about paragraphs.

It will drive me nuts.

Fortunately, it will inevitably also become a teaching opportunity.

And not a single paper will look like this by the time I get their final drafts.

Yay, teaching!

[edit] Unrelated: Do you know Ylvis' song "The Fox"? It's a dance-y Europop song with an inane video that came out two months ago and has become a viral hit. As of now, nearly 195 million views on YouTube. Of course, I had to show it to my students. Not one to waste an opportunity, though, I incorporated the song and video into a lesson on animal onomatopoeia! Now that was one fun class. But "Fox" fever hasn't died down yet. No, sir. It may be November already, but remember, remember, what comes in November? Yeah, there's one day / that no one knows...
Happy They-Didn't-Blow-Up-Parliament Day!