Friday, March 22, 2013

Three Conversations with My Host Brother (HB)

HB: Do you know... hetch tock?
Me: What?
HB: Uh... hetch tock?
Me: Who's that?
HB: It has a needle on the back.
Me: Is this a person???
HB: No, an animal.
Me: Hetch tock... hetch tock... Oh! Hedgehog!
HB: Hedgehog? H-O-G?
Me: Yeah, hedgehog.
HB: I think it was D-O-G.
Me: Hedgedog? Haha, no, hedgehog. They're cute. Why?
HB: I want to breed a hedgehog.

HB: I was young...
Me: When I was young.
HB: When I was young, I walked this road.
Me: Every day?
HB: Every day. Go home... academy.
Me: Mhm.
HB: It was difficult... so I think, "Accio Firebolt."

Me: If I said, "I will give you one ice cream now, or I will give you two ice creams in thirty minutes," which would you choose? One ice cream now, or two ice creams later?
HB: Marshmallow.*
Me: What?
HB: Um... Two ice creams.
Me: Why?
HB: ... Of course.

*He was actually alluding to the Stanford marshmallow experiment, and successfully described it to me later. Smart kid.

Also, the aforementioned smart kid is currently reading the Harry Potter series in Korean, and I have found a new game. I pick up one of the books, flip to a random page, and begin reading. The goal is to see how quickly I can figure out where in the story I am. It usually takes three or four pages, given that I can only understand about half of the dialogue and almost none of the expository bits.


  1. "Accio Firebolt" is my favorite :)

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