Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soundbox (사운드박스)

Katelyn and I watched this incredibly talented (and incredibly brave, for playing outdoors in below-freezing weather) band jamming on the streets of Hongdae last weekend. You can find lots of buskers in this neighborhood on evenings and weekends, and I always enjoy their music.

홍대의 공공장소에서 공연한 벤드들이 많아요. 지난번 주말에 제 친구 하고 같이 구경 하고 있었어요. 홍익공원에서 사람 많이 있고 분위기가 좋던데요. 추웠지만 이 연기자들은 관중에게 "핫" 느낌을 줬어요. 진짜 재능있네요!


  1. Ooooh this is SO awesome!! I get so jealous when I read your posts about food, music, etc etc, :P
    By your last sentence do you mean they're really talented? If so I think 진짜 재능있네요! would sound better :)