Saturday, July 7, 2012

First photos!

나는 사진 찍는 거 좋아해요!

Which means, "I like to take photos!" Which I really do. And furthermore, I like to share them.

Day 3 of Orientation is over, and it was a long day. But fortunately, 화창 했어요 (hwachang haesseoyo -- it was sunny), after two days of rain, humidity, and overcast skies. It was absolutely glorious; a bunch of other ETAs and I just ran outside after lunch and took photos of the gorgeous mountains. The sun and blue skies really woke us up. It's amazing what some vitamin D can do!

While the rain kept us cooped inside for two days, we found ways to amuse ourselves. For example, 나무 쌓기 게임 (wooden stacking game, or Korean Jenga). From left to right: Rachel, Payal, and Hilary.
This is a photo of me in front of Jungwon University's main building. It's huge! Ten stories tall, and constructed like a palace. It's kind of weird, but more on that later. [taken by Tyler]
Looking east and southeast from the strange owl-tree-fountain hill, nothing but green all around. The town of 괴산 (Goesan) is surrounded by mountains.
It was such a beautiful day, and we were being photographed, so of course we had to be silly. (Nic, on the left, looks on, confused, at Kristen, Ammy, Ben, Tyler, and Katelyn.)
 Oh, and you guys remember when I talked about our missing Independence Day due to being on a plane from LAX to Seoul? Well, our Orientation Coordinator Team decided to remedy that, and gave us all sparklers and Roman candles to play with this evening, as a belated Fourth of July party! It was such a sweet gesture, and also tons of fun.

Katelyn and Kristen share a sparkler.

I'm really happy that I'm here right now. That's all! :)


  1. so, how far is this town from Seoul? further north? what kind of weather are you getting?
    what they serve in the cafeteria?

    1. It's two hours south by bus, and the weather was really rainy and humid at first, but now it's just hot and humid. Better than Taiwan and Philadelphia, actually! The food in the cafeteria is the same for every meal: rice, meat, vegetables, kimchi, and some sort of soup. There will also be fruits, and once we had fried eggs! I'm getting used to it already. I'll also write a big post on what Jungwon University is like, inside and out, probably this coming weekend.