Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Writing Done, Time to Read

I have only left my apartment once in the past forty-eight hours, and that was to go grocery shopping. But the long hours I've spent chained to my desk and rubbing my hands together to keep my fingers warm enough to type are now over, for I have finished my graduate school applications!

Now, I have a choice between getting out of the house, exercising, and seeing friends... VERSUS:
Curling up in bed with all of these beauties. Hm... tough choice.
I've read a paltry forty-five books since graduating from college, and I aim to increase that number by at least 50% before the semester begins in March. Or... before I hear back from the six schools to which I sent a hundred bucks and my hopes and dreams. Whichever comes first.

Huh... I guess that counts as a New Year's resolution. 난 할 수가 있다!